SUNDAY 27TH – Eight Sunday of Ordinary Time (C)

9:00am – Kevin Proctor, RIP – Alicia Keen

MONDAY 21ST – Feria

TUESDAY 22ND – St. David, Patron of Wales (Feast)

WEDNESDAY 23RD – Ash Wednesday Stations of the Cross

10:00am – David Roys, RIP – Pat & Bill Flanagan

THURSDAY 24TH – Lenten Feria

FRIDAY 25TH – Lenten Feria or St. Casimir (as a commemoration)

SATURDAY 26TH – Lenten Feria

SUNDAY 27TH – First Sunday of Lent (C)

9:00am – Cynthia Anne Manderson, RIP – Linda Geraghty 

Sacrament of Reconciliation: By request before either Sunday or Wednesday Mass