SUNDAY 28TH – First Sunday of Advent (C)

9:00am – Thank you to St. Norbert’s Stewards and all helpers.

MONDAY 29TH – Advent Feria

TUESDAY 30TH – St. Andrew, Apostle (Feast) – Patron Saint of Scotland

WEDNESDAY 1ST OF DECEMBER – Advent Feria or The Martyrs of Derbyshire

10:00am – Peter Crawford, RIP

THURSDAY 2ND – Advent Feria

FRIDAY 3RD – St. Francis Xavier, priest & doctor (memorial)

SATURDAY 4TH – Advent Feria or St. John Damascene, priest & doctor, optional memoria

SUNDAY 5TH –  Second Sunday of Advent (B)

9:00am – Maura Hey, RIP Karena & Anne


Sacrament of Reconciliation: By request before either Sunday or Wednesday Mass