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Christmas Masses – 2020:

Although the ‘obligation’ to attend Mass on Sundays and Holydays of Obligation will remain suspended for the time being, we know that many individuals and family groups will want to go to Mass at Christmas. Like Easter, the Nativity of the Lord is one of the two solemnities in the Ordinary Form of the Church’s liturgical calendar which has its own Octave and the Church regards each day in an Octave as if it were the solemnity itself. So, for example, the prayers for Mass and the Litur- gy of the Hours during the Christmas Octave refer to each day as if it were still Christmas Day. Despite having days within the Octave that are feasts, St Stephen, the Holy Innocents, the Holy Family, and the concluding Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God, each of these days is, as the Roman Missal states, a “day within the Octave of the Nativity of the Lord.” This means that, liturgically, each of the days from 25th December to 1st January is ‘Christmas Day’.

In accordance with the Diocesan directive requiring a 2 metre social distancing policy there are only a limited number of worshippers who can attend Mass and the Sacraments. To allow as many parishioners and their families the opportunity to come to Church to celebrate their Christmas Mass we are asking parishioners to plan to celebrate the mystery of Christmas at one mass only during the Octave days. We are most grateful to our stewards who are able to assist with the cleansing and supervising of the Churches over this period. In next week’s newsletter we will provide details on how to book seats for a Christmas Mass during the Octave days.

Details of Masses being celebrated during the Christmas Octave (24th December 1st January 2021). Christmastide


Diocesan Events during Advent ‘The Diocese of Nottingham are inviting you to join others from across the diocese in pre- paring for and celebrating Christmas.

Praying with Our Lady through Advent – we invite you to pray one extra Hail Mary each day in Advent, asking for Our La- dy’s prayers to help all of us as a diocese, open our hearts and minds to welcome Jesus afresh this Christmas. She was the first person to welcome Him into her life and her intercession can help us to draw closer to Him and feel His presence with us anew this Christmas. Every other day you will be able to watch people from our Diocese pray the Hail Mary in differ- ent languages on the Diocesan social media sites, search for Diocese of Nottingham or Bishop Patrick McKinney on Twit- ter, Facebook and YouTube.

Living Advent Podcast – Living Advent is a weekly podcast series throughout Advent exploring the virtues of Hope, Love, Joy and Peace with people from across the Diocese and how we can live them out. We speak to a young husband and fa- ther, a musician, a retired social worker and a police officer. You can find it on your usual podcast service by searching ‘Living Advent Podcast’ or visit for links on how to stream or download it.

Diocesan Carol Service – Carol services are a wonderful family tradition of our Advent and Christmas celebrations, and often are a great opportunity to invite those who are not regular Churchgoers to connect with our parish or chaplaincy com- munity. This can be quite challenging to do this year so we are offering a virtual Diocesan Carol Service. We will celebrate a short online carol service on Friday 18th December at 6.00 pm on Bishop Patrick’s YouTube Channel (https:// BishopPatrickMckinney) with readings, music, prayers and reflections. Please join us as a family and invite others to join us too. After the service grab a mince pie, something warm to drink and join us on zoom for our family Christmas Quiz (6:45 pm to 7:15 pm). The link and access code will be given out during the service.

‘Being a disciple web series’ – January is a time when we try and work at being a better person, why not explore how we can be a grow as a disciple of Jesus? On the four Thursdays of January we will explore a different aspect of what it means to be a Catholic disciple with Brendan Thompson the CEO of Catholic Voices in a web series on Zoom. Catholic Voices are an international organisation that shares the Good News in the global media. This will be a great foundation for parishes, chaplaincies and individuals to explore how we can support each other in growing as Catholic disciples. Register for the series here:’ For information on how to ac- cess things on zoom visit: information/diocesancommissions/01_commissionadultformation/usingzoom


Second Sunday of Ordinary Time (B)

SUNDAY 17TH  – Secon Sunday of Ordinary Time (B)

9:00am – Ian Maclean, RIP – Alastair McIntyre

MONDAY 18TH  – Feria

TUESDAY 19TH – Feria or St. Wulstan (optional memorial)

WEDNESDAY 20TH – Feria or St. Fabian or St. Sebastian

4:00pm – Peg Burke, RIP – Karen & Anne

THURSDAY 21ST – St. Agnes (memorial)

FRIDAY 22ND – Feria or St. Vincent (optional memorial)

SATURDAY 23RD – Feria or Saturday Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary

SUNDAY 24TH – Third Sunday of Ordinary Time (B)

9:00am – Jackson Family, Private Intention – Pauline & Jeff

Sacrament of Reconciliation: By request



The Baptism of the Lord

SUNDAY 10TH  – Fourth Sunday of Advent (B)

9:00am – Doreen – Pauline & Jeff

MONDAY 11TH  – Feria

TUESDAY 12TH – Feria or St. Aeired of Tievaulx

WEDNESDAY 13TH – Feria or St. Hilary



FRIDAY 15TH – Feria

SATURDAY 16TH – Feria or Saturday Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary

SUNDAY 17TH – Second Sunday of the Year Ian Maclean, RIP (B)

9:00am – Ian Maclean, RIP – Alastair McIntyre

Sacrament of Reconciliation: On Sunday 20th December for 30 mins before Mass starts Father Andrew Cole will be available for Confession.



Fourth Sunday of Advent (B)

SUNDAY 20TH  – Fourth Sunday of Advent (B)

9:00am – Jeff Kirkham, RIP – Barbara Kirkham

MONDAY 21ST  – Advent Feria or St. Peter Canisius

TUESDAY 22ND – Advent Feria

WEDNESDAY 23RD – Advent Feria

10:00am – Tom & Gwen Sarsfield, RIP – J & H

THURSDAY 24TH – Advent Feria

FRIDAY 25TH – The Nativity of the Lord )B)

9:00am – People of the Parish

SATURDAY 26TH – St. Stephen (Feast)

SUNDAY 27TH – The Holy Family, (B)

9:00am – Kathleen Hunt, RIP – Brian Hunt

Sacrament of Reconciliation: On Sunday 20th December for 30 mins before Mass starts Father Andrew Cole will be available for Confession.



Second Sunday of Advent (B)

SUNDAY 6TH  – Second Sunday of Advent (B)

9:00am – Tom & Hilda Sarsfield, 60th Wedding Anniversary

MONDAY 7TH  – St. Ambrose, bishop and doctor (memorial)

TUESDAY 8TH – The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin (Solemnity)

WEDNESDAY 9TH – Advent Feria

10:00am – Richard Goss, RIP – Angela Goss

THURSDAY 10TH – Advent Feria or The Martyrs of Lincolnshire (optional memorial)

FRIDAY 11TH – Advent Feria or St. Damasus I, pope (optional memorial)

SATURDAY 12TH – Advent Feria or Our Lady of Guadalupe

SUNDAY 13TH – Third Sunday of Advent (B) (Gaudete Sunday)

9:00am – George Duffield, Birthday Intention

Sacrament of Reconciliation: Tuesday’s at 09:30am



Live Streaming and YouTube Videos with Links to Access Liturgies Being Offered

During the Coronavirus Pandemic in The Diocese of Nottingham


The Private Chapel of the Bishop of Nottingham, Bishop’s House, Nottingham.

Bishop Patrick McKinney & Father Jonathan Rose

Previous liturgies available to view. Liturgy times change weekly. 

Schedule for this week:

  • Friday 27th March Stations of the Cross – 3 pm
  • Saturday 28th March No Live Streaming 
  • Sunday 29th March Mass streamed from St Barnabas Cathedral

The Cathedral of St Barnabas, Nottingham

Canon Malachy Brett and Father Mathew Neriattil

  • Monday – Friday Mass at 1 pm
  • Saturday Mass at 10 am
  • Sunday  29th March Mass at 10 am 5th Sunday of Lent

Sunday 29th March Mass 11.15 am Bishop Patrick & Fr Jonathan Rose 

Rededication of England as Our Lady’s Dowry and Angelus Promise at the end of Mass.

Parish of St Paul’s Lenton and St Mary’s Hyson Green

Father David Palmer

  • Weekend Mass available to view from 6 pm Saturday
  • Ordinariate Mass available to view from 6 pm Sunday

Listen to Father David Palmer’s homilies on podcast: 


Parish of St Joseph’s, Leicester

Father John Daley

  • Monday – Friday 10 am Mass
  • Sunday 10.30 am Mass



Parish of St Joseph, Burton upon Trent and St Peter and St Paul

Father Neil Peoples

Masses uploaded daily


Parish of the Immaculate Conception and St Norbert’s, Spalding

Father Jim Burke

Liturgies change weekly

This week’s schedule:

Friday 27th March 9.30 am Mass

Saturday 28th March 10.00 am Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament/Novena/Rosary 12.00 pm Angelus followed by Mass

  • 4.30 pm Mass
  • 6.30 pm Mass in Polish
  • Sunday 29th March 8.00 am Mass


Parish of St Alban’s, Chaddesden, Derby

Father David Cain

Live stream of Weekly Liturgies:

  • Sundays 10am Mass & Exposition at 9:30am
  • Mondays 10am Mass & Exposition at 9:30am
  • Wednesdays 10am Mass & Exposition at 9:30am
  • Thursdays 7pm Mass & Exposition at 6:30pm
  • Fridays 10am Mass & Exposition at 9:30am
  • Fridays Stations of the Cross in Lent & Holy Week at 7pm
  • Saturdays 10am Mass & Exposition at 9:30am

Special Events

We are on Facebook

We are on Facebook

As a follow up to the successful Eucharistic Congress, the Diocese is having a legacy day. The day will include workshops on the Eu- charist and families

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Chrism Mass, Nottingham.

Chrism Mass, Nottingham.

As a follow up to the successful Eucharistic Congress, the Diocese is having a legacy day. The day will include workshops on the Eu- charist and families

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Marriage Preparation Courses

Marriage Preparation Courses

As a follow up to the successful Eucharistic Congress, the Diocese is having a legacy day. The day will include workshops on the Eu- charist and families

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